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Dr. Laura E. Dalton

Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

P: 919-660-5421


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Home: Fairmont, WV, USA

Hobbies: "art, hiking, running, soccer, travelling, and spending time with my two dogs"


Soniya Tiwari

Ph.D. Student

Research: Sustainably engineered geomaterials containing coal combustion ash

Home: Nepal

Hobbies: "travelling, hiking, kayaking, and movies"


Dr. Roi Roded

Postdoctoral Associatero



Research: Model development for complex multiphase transport of CO2 in porous geomaterials

Hobbies: "caving, hiking"


Brynn Goodstadt

Undergraduate Ind. Study Researcher


Research: Abrasion of portland cement-based materials with high volume fly ash replacement

Home: Long Island, NY, USA

Hobbies: "pickleball, lacrosse, watching tv"


Kainã (Kai) Rodrigues Vieira

Ph.D. Student

Research: Sustainably engineered geomaterials 

Home: Palmas, Brazil

Hobbies: "soccer, volleyball, hiking, food!"

DSC_5586 (1)_edited.jpg

Hana Thibault

Undergraduate Researcher


Research: Portland cement-based materials with high volume fly ash replacement

Home: Ithaca, NY, USA

Hobbies: "running, skiing and cooking!"

IMG_0106 copy.jpg

Qinyi (Emma) Tian

Ph.D. Student


Research: Developing ML image segmentation algorithms for geomaterials

Home: China

Hobbies: "traveling, exploring great foods, and spending time with my cats"


Sara Goodhue

Undergraduate Researcher


Research: Geomaterial characterization for CO2 sequestration and geothermal energy applications

Home: Denver, CO, USA

Hobbies: "running, volleyball, and spending time with my four dogs"

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